Solar AC

Smart AC Systems Designed for Resorts and Hotels

Solar AC

In Hawaii’s warm and sunny climate, maintaining an efficient cooling system in the home and office is essential to creating a safe and comfortable space. Unfortunately, the cost of keeping a home or office cool in our hot weather can increase your electric bills. With Smart Solar Air Conditioning, you can cool your home during the daytime without incurring the additional cost of energy at the same time!

Why Choose Hybrid, Split-System Solar Air Conditioning?

Both commercial and residential customers can benefit from the efficiency, ease, and cost-effectiveness of a Smart hybrid split-system solar air conditioner. These Smart air conditioning systems offer several benefits including:

This unique Solar AC technology requires no batteries, no inverter, no controller – just plug in the solar panels and start saving immediately. Most importantly, solar air conditioners run on clean, renewable energy for free!


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If you love basking in a cool interior and want to avoid paying higher electric bills, then it’s time to consider solar air conditioning for your home or business. Our experts at Smart AC Systems can talk with you about the most efficient way to start cooling your home, rental, or office with the power of the sun. And they can discuss our no money down financing option to cut the upfront cost of these systems. Schedule a consultation today!