How Does A Solar AC System Work?


How Does a Solar AC System Work?

The near-constant need to cool your home or office with air conditioning can lead to staggeringly expensive power bills. As a result, many choose to suffer through the heat to save on the exorbitant costs of cooling the indoors in a warm and sunny climate.
However, an alternative to traditional air conditioning exists, and that’s solar-powered air conditioning. With solar AC, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a solution that lowers your monthly power bills without sacrificing comfort.
But how exactly does solar air conditioning work?

The Basics of Solar Air Conditioning

Solar air conditioning is powered using radiation from the Sun. Solar panels have photovoltaic cells that capture the Sun’s radiation and convert it into electricity that we can use to power everything in our homes and offices, including air conditioning.
There are a variety of solar air conditioning systems that are designed to pair seamlessly with your home’s solar power setup. Two of the most common include:
Additionally, solar air conditioning units come in a variety of models designed to cool all sorts of spaces from large, open rooms to smaller, separate areas.

Smart Solar Air Conditioning

With today’s technology, solar air conditioning is now also smart! Modern solar-powered air conditioning systems can be programmed to operate on your own personalized schedule. They can also be controlled remotely, making them a wonderful choice for commercial spaces and vacation rental properties.
With smart solar AC, you can increase the desirability of vacation properties by providing your guests with the ability to control the AC while maintaining the peace of mind that comes with monitoring the AC use and functionality and continuing to control it remotely.

See What Solar Air Conditioning Can Do for You

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