Why Choose Hybrid, Split-System Solar Air Conditioning for my Hotel or Resort?

Why Choose Hybrid, Split-System Solar Air Conditioning for my Hotel or Resort?

A hotel or resort is a great place for recreation. It’s also a place where guests come to relax, enjoy themselves, and have a great time. It’s important that they have a comfortable and relaxing stay at your hotel or resort. To do this, you need to make sure that your hotel or resort is well-maintained. The best way to do this is by using a solar air conditioning system.

A solar air conditioning system can be an excellent choice for any hotel or resort. It’s not only energy efficient, but it also has a number of other benefits including huge money savings on the energy bill.

What is a Hybrid Solar Air Conditioning?

A solar hybrid air conditioner uses no batteries, making it more energy efficient than other air conditioning options. During the summer days of the year, it is best to operate this AC unit at times when it’s too hot outside. In the evening, you can continue by using grid power with high efficiency and a special AC limiting option.

By connecting the solar panels and the grid at the same time, it can then use the appropriate power source, depending on the time of day and power load.

Is it a viable option to install Hybrid, Split-System Solar Air Conditioning for my Hotel or Resort?

The solar air conditioning system in our hotels is a renewable-powered energy option to save on our utility costs. This is especially important during the summer months of the hottest State like Hawaii, where hybrid solar Split units help to conserve energy in the evenings too. The use of split AC units in each room of the resort or hotel with AC limiting options contributes to a relaxing cooling environment making it a win-win situation for both hotel management and guests.

a.    Smooth switching between solar and grid power 

Hybrid Solar Split AC units are the most efficient option available to the hospitality industry. With Hybrid AC units, smooth switching between solar power and grid power at any time of the day is no more a riddle. You can shift from one energy source to another without any hassle especially applicable when there is cloudy weather outside.

b.    Hybrid Solar Split AC units are Flexible to operate during all times of the day and seasons

The benefits of a hybrid solar split AC unit are obvious and significant. You can be sure that your savings will be big when you invest in one of these units. Because of AC DC operation capability, the hybrid solar split AC units have great flexibility to operate during all times of the day and seasons.

c.     No batteries/inverter/controller required

Hybrid AC units come in various designs and sizes to suit hotels and resorts. They are very popular because they are quiet and reliable. This Air conditioning system is inverter-less and battery-less technology (grid power works when sun rays are not available) with the highest efficiency. Additionally, they are based on intelligent cooling technology, without the need for a solar charge controller. 

Change your hotel or resort into a clean energy hub 

In conclusion, when it comes to energy efficiency, there is no substitute for a well-designed system. In addition, a hybrid system can save up to 50% on electricity bills compared to conventional AC systems. Hybrid, Split-System Solar Air Conditioning has the ability to generate up to 90% of its power from the sun and up to 60% from the grid.

The system is a perfect fit for hotels, resorts, and other small businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint. This leads to tremendous benefits of a conventional grid-powered AC system in combination with a more efficient solar system making your hotel/resort into a clean energy hub.