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Our Smart Air Conditioning Systems are specially designed for resort and hotel operators. We combine high quality efficient air conditioners with Smart Controllers to create a revenue management strategy that is adaptable to the current conditions, and in Hawaii air conditioning is key to guest satisfaction and comfort. Payback for new installations can be as little as two years.

How Your Resort or Hotel Can Benefit

With our Smart Air Conditioning Systems you will be able to charge your guests a daily usage fee for air conditioning in guest rooms. You can control your air conditioners remotely via a WiFi or LAN connection on a computer or smart device. The software allows your check-in staff to easily find the guest room, program the check-in and check-out dates, and enable or disable the air conditioners from the front desk. All you need to do is incorporate the billing into your RMS software and see your resort fee revenue increase.
If your property already has air conditioning, we can install our Smart AC Controllers and create an additional revenue stream for your resort or hotel.

Case Study

The Wyndham Bali Hai Villas, Princeville, Kaua’i. A beautiful 23 acre resort with 256 guest suites across 18 two story buildings.
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Watch the video and see how we helped a Wyndham Resort on Kaua’i increase their revenue with a 2-3 year payback.
The guests at the Wyndham Bali Hai Villas had been complaining for years that the rooms were too hot. The Board and owners finally agreed to install split air conditioners in every room of every guest unit but wanted to charge the guests a usage fee in an effort to recoup the cost of the air conditioning units. This is something that had not been done before and they looked to the Contractor to create a solution.
Smart AC Systems installed nearly 800 Daikin mini split air conditioners and created a WiFi based solution that controls every air conditioner from the front desk using Smart Controllers. The solution also included customized software with a calendar function for setting check-in and check -out dates, and a guest room search function.
By charging a usage fee to those guests who want air conditioning during their stay, the management realized that the payback or ROI can be as short as two years for the newly installed air conditioners. The Resort Management found that almost half of their direct bookings paid for air conditioning while most of their non-direct bookings had the cost built into the resort fee. The management is also able to allocate the revenue to cover the cost of the additional electricity usage as well as scheduled maintenance of the air conditioners.
The added benefit is that the guests are experiencing more comfortable cooler suites with the air conditioning units that are quiet and easy to operate.

AC Buy Back Program

If your split air conditioners are ready to be replaced, you can take advantage of our AC Buyback Program. In most cases we offer up to $500 for your old split air conditioners when we install new ones, and we will remove and dispose of them in accordance with your County’s regulations.

Other Product Features and Services

Smart Controllers:
Calendar function – Automatically turns off on the day guests check out with the Calendar app. This avoids leaving the AC on until housekeeping cleans the room days later.
Guest room search function – Check-in staff can easily search for the guest room speeding up the process and keeping your guests happy.
Billing – The custom software easily integrates with your RMS software to handle the billing.
Additional Services:
Retrofit your existing HVAC system – If your property already has air conditioning, we can install our Smart AC Controllers and create an additional revenue stream for the use of the air conditioning.
Quality HVAC Systems – Our quality can only be described as “resort worthy.” Your management team and owners will be delighted in how we paint and finish all parts that attach to the outdoor units, and how we design the layout to make them less visible to your guests.
Air Purifiers – Today, guests are increasingly demanding for added cleaning options yet resorts and hotels are unable to clean on a daily basis like before. With our UV Disinfection light that purifies the air we can give you the added protection you need without using your limited hotel cleaning staff.
Preventative Maintenance and Repair – We offer professional maintenance and repair services to keep your air conditioners running smoothly and extend their life for the comfort and enjoyment of your guests.

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To request a demo please call our resort specialist Karla at 808-366-4306 and she will walk you through the process, return on your investment, project cost and available local financing.