Residential AC

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Residential AC

Your home should be cool and comfortable. Achieving comfort in every room of your home doesn’t have to mean retrofitting your house with expensive, inefficient ductwork. With wall-mounted electric air conditioning systems, you can easily transform your home into a peaceful retreat away from the heat. 

Why Choose a Split-System Residential Air Conditioning Unit?

Split-system air conditioning units are more desirable for one major reason: they don’t rely on a connection to a home’s ductwork. This makes them ideal for installing in homes that lack existing duct systems, home additions that are not connected to the home’s main system, in single rooms, or separately zoned areas of the home.

Smart AC Controllers

Our Smart Controllers enhance the quality, efficiency and life of your air conditioners. You can monitor, manage and control the temperature, humidity and even fan speeds from your mobile devices saving you energy even while you are away from your home.


Experience the Difference with Daikin Air Conditioning

For more than 90 years, Daikin has led the air conditioning industry. The company’s success has come from its commitment to manufacturing high-quality products that offer maximum efficiency with attractive, streamlined designs.

In addition to their quality and reliability, we choose to work with Daikin air conditioning systems for their versatility. They can easily scale to cool any size of space and can be easily adjusted for efficiency in cooling individual or multiple zones.

Schedule an AC Installation In-Home Appointment Today

Our certified technicians will help you determine the best locations for installation around your home to maximize efficiency and cooling. We will also find the location in your home where your new air conditioning system will look the best aesthetically.

If you’re ready to relax comfortably in every room of your house then we encourage you to schedule a consultation with the air conditioning experts at Smart AC today. We can help you determine the best combination of split-system air conditioning units for your home. 

At Smart AC, we offer both traditional and solar air conditioning products and can help you select the best system and setup for cooling every room in your house. To learn more about how we can help you beat the heat, contact us today.