About Us


About Us

Smart AC Systems is an innovative, Hawaii-based air conditioning company that uses control technology and software to remotely manage and maintain air conditioners for maximum performance. The company is a spinoff of the founder’s solar company that started in 2009 as a professional solar training organization. The State of Hawaii certified company trained contractors and individuals that were entering the growing solar industry and offered the highest certification available. A few years later the company branched into installing solar panels, and eventually, Solar Air Conditioning systems throughout Kaua’i and Oahu. From there we went into installing energy efficient split air-conditioners with smart controllers, and in 2020 we became the fastest growing air conditioning company in Hawaii with the success of installing over 750 air conditioners for the largest vacation ownership resort management company in the world.

With a focus on continuous training and customer service, our employees and technicians are trained in solar, air conditioning and smart technology. Our desire is to use our skills to provide energy efficient air conditioning systems to better our Hawaii community and our environment.


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